Stairway to heaven

Individual house and interior

Code name:

Stairway to heaven






2003 Project






Križevci pri Ljutomeru 104, 9242 Križevci pri Ljutomeru




Superform: Marjan Poboljšaj, Anton Žižek


Matej Lozar, SF archive


1. THE BRIDGE The purpose of a bridge is to overcome distance and height. The simple act of walking on one gives one a feeling of floating and at the same time it steers one from the starting point to the finish line. A bridge always has an orientation, a direction. It is a place of meeting and communication. Bridge-bridges The whole house becomes a system of bridges and as such brings a sense of freshness and dynamics. As one moves along this system, new spaces, new environments open to one's eye. The system of bridges with its openings forms vertical atriums, atriums of communication, greenery and light. They connect the floor plan with the upper level, based on the fact that they stretch through both levels with the two story staircase, two story chandelier and a two story flower.
2. CONSERVATORY The conservatory, a sort of a greenhouse, is an extension of the living space. It’s a direct link with the nature outside. It passively heats the house during winter and it functions well with houseplants and smaller trees. House as a conservatory The concept of the house is based on the idea of the house being a conservatory. The living spaces on the ground floor and the bridge system form a conservatory that opens up to the south. The glass surface is divided into a mosaic mesh — vitrage that is at some places filled with fixed curtains, which protect the bedroom from views.
3. THE ROOF The roof protects us from the environmental factors: precipitations, sun, wind… At the same time it gives us the feeling of safety. In the Slovenian cultural environment the roof is, from an aesthetical point of view, perceived as the most important element of the house. House - roof We cover the house with one outline, from the ground on one side to the ground on the other side. The roof has an analogous tectonics with the rolling hills of the Prlekija region landscape. It gives a feeling of orientation and openness. With the two-storey opening at the entrance it also provides a sense of monumentality. The roof is omnipresent and one can feel it anywhere inside the house.

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