Forest – Nest


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Forest - Nest




Public competition






County of Ribnica


Ribnica, Slovenia




Superform: Marjan Poboljšaj, Anton Žižek, Meta Žebre, Boris Janje




Human being is a part of nature and nature is a part of human beings. The nature and the cosmos are characterized by rhythm, repetition of events over time: a day (morning, day, evening, night), year (spring, summer, autumn, winter) ... Events follow each other cyclically, in the form of a circle. Human being is a creature that has its own rhythm, he loves repetition. Rhythm gives the child a sense of security. The basic form that occurs in nature is a circle. The clearing is of an oval - circular shape.
The nursery is like a clearing in the woods. The kindergarten in the town of Ribnica consists of two circles in which the clearings are located.
Half circle, which is oriented towards the inside, to the "clearing", is intended for the nursery. The child in the nursery is more dependent on the assistance of teachers, so the nursery’s architecture is more introverted, which gives a sense of shelter and safety, forms are soft, rounded. The roof of the nursery is uniform, circular (flat roof). Walls and ceilings of the covered patios are pierced. The holes absorb light, leave views and allow playing and sitting.
The second half of the circle, which is oriented outwards, to the "forest«, is intended for older children (3 to 6 year olds). Unlike nurseries, kindergarten facilities for older children form a dynamic set of individual houses arranged in a circle that cut into the surrounding nature. Each bungalow represents a space for one department. Children at this age begin to explore the world and nature; they begin to actively make use of all the senses. This is reflected in the architecture of this part of the kindergarten, which reflects research, blending home and nature. Overhanging pitched roofs are supported by pillars in the form of branches. With this principle of designing the columns, which arise from static logic, the natural landscape of trees pours into the interior of the kindergarten. The high roof lets in a good amount of sunlight deep into the rooms. The room is further illuminated through the gable from the back.

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