Clients and projects

Among Superform’s references are Microsoft, Outfit7, Bitstamp, Petrol, Tajfun, IEDC, Podkrižnik, Terme Olimia, the municipalities of Šentjur and Slovenj Gradec, to name just a few of more than 300 companies and individuals with whom they have cooperated. They are pleased to say that many of their clients’ trust is reflected in a long-standing partnership. However, true satisfaction is achieved when their architecture is recognised as top of the game by the profession with numerous awards and prizes both at home and abroad.


The Golden Pencil Award 2013 for excellent realization. Commission: Vedran Mimica, Croatia; Andreas Ruby, Germany; Tomaž Pipan, Slovenia; Dr Dušan Ogrin, Slovenia.
“The colour orgy of red and green in the new part gives a sense of a luxurious salon, in which people can also work. The architects’ decision to use red in the interior, with which the products themselves are painted, contributes to the strong energy generated by the production facility.”

“With the concept of creating the atmosphere through colour, the architects managed to completely blur the visual rhetoric of a traditional factory premises of the heavy industry. The space does not reproduce romantic industrial iconography of sweat, smoke and heat, but stirs a feeling of arousal, which exalts the precious nature of industrial work, which is becoming increasingly rare in the western world, Slovenia included.”


HOUSES, Private interior of 2017. Commission: Peter Gabrijelčič, Ana Gruden, Tomaž Krištof, Kristina Dešman.
“The so-called gorge creates a special magic, creating the illusion that heaven is not that far: the skylight, the thin, almost gentle metal tensile position of the roof, the innocent whiteness, and the fence in the form of stairs that lead to the “heavens”. The consistency of the concept and the imaginative form have created an impressive iconic interior.”


Nande Korpnik, architect and full professor at the Department of Architecture in Maribor
“In their opinion, categories, such as content, format, function, program, and context are more separating than binding. Therefore, they place greater emphasis on the importance of architecture as a medium and communication, which is free from formal language. They also emphasise the importance of dialogue between actors in the construction process.
Their professional and media breakthrough is apparent. They are gaining popularity among clients, lecturers and the media: Finance, Hiše, Oris, etc.
What can my closing thought be than: ‘Run, Superform is coming.’”


Prof. Dr Danica Purg, President and Dean, IEDC – Bled School of Management
“I remember your creative plan for our new building in Bled. It was a very original and wonderful design, which unfortunately we did not manage to realise. But I am sure that this shall happen in the future. I wish you many more brilliant and original projects.


Iztok Špan, general manager, Tajfun
“The cooperation between the Tajfun group and the Superform architects has been a long and successful one. We created a lot of conceptual designs and realised them. In fact, with Superform, the conceptualisation itself ever demands any crucial amendments. The men and women at Superform somehow feel you and simply know what and how something should be done. Or we can sense what everyone is feeling. At the end of the day, such cooperation means everything – functionality, design, placement in the environment. Of course, this kind of architecture is not for everyone; it is ambitious and modern. We could say it has “balls”. However, on the other hand, it is quiet, not too flashy, just confident and proud in the space in which it resides. Exactly how we see Slovenia in the future.”


Nada Vodušek, journalist, Primorske novice
“Can our dwellings be as dramatic, mysterious and unpredictable as nature? Do we perceive them with all our senses? If we were to pose these questions to a Superform architect, he would agree without a slightest hint of hesitation.
Loyal to the principle that form succeeds experience, they even managed to designed a mansard apartment in the attic of an old town house.”


Matevž Granda, art director, Outsider
“Anyone can interpret the saying clothes makes the man in their own way, but no one can blame a company that wants to express what they do with how they look. Especially if this is not done in the form of a banal advertising sign, but as an integral and coherent part of the architecture itself.
In the commercial-production building Propulsion 02, the technologically-energetic solution at the same time expresses the reinterpretation of the motif of the gearwheel, which is one of the company’s products. Therefore, the entirety is not condemned to advertising or ad-hoc catalogue solutions, but is instead a sovereign and uniform move that resembles the consistency of highly rationalised industrial production.”


Miran Kambič, photographer
“The industrial hall of the Superform bureau is also fantastic. An interesting metal construction, overlays, wonderful colours, and terrazzo on the floor, while the space itself resembles a dance hall. My initial thought was that it might even be too good for its function.”