Typhoon Lynx

Commercial and Production facility

Code name:

Typhoon Lynx










Tajfun Planina d.o.o.


Batočina, Srbia




Superform: Marjan Poboljšaj, Anton Žižek, Špela Gliha

Architectural Design:
1. Programme starting point:
The client intends to build a new production facility called Tajfun Ris (Typhoon Lynx) featuring the following programme: showroom, business premises, storage facility, production facility and assembly facility.
2. Company identity:
Tajfun is a company with a long tradition, persistently building its identity with quality, with its own products and with its social role.
3. Spatial starting point:
The factory is located outside the urban area along the Belgrade-Niš highway in the vicinity of the town of Batočina. The area around the facility is intended for the construction of industrial facilities.
The surrounding countryside is flat. An aerial view shows the patterns-impressions created in the landscape by the division of agricultural land.
0. Starting point
An important aspect affecting the appearance of the new factory is the sequential visual experience of the facility by a motorist on the highway. The factory’s facade represents the “image” of the company.
1. Sensual level of experience
How to create the front facade so as to make it most visible? A typhoon is a design tool that “wrinkles” the facility. By way of a typhoon, a spike-like front facade is formed which presents itself from three directions. This creates an atrium that serves as an entrance to the production part of the facility.
2. Physical level of experience
A lynx lies in wait and is on the watch. The facility lies in wait. It is on the watch and is watched. The vertical breakdown enables the illumination of the facility. The facility also offers a dynamic spatial experience that represents the “image” of the company.

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