Sipping the light

Family house extension

Code name:

Sipping the light






2002 Project






Rožna dolina cesta IV 48a, Ljubljana, Slovenija




Superform: Marjan Poboljšaj, Anton Žižek


Miran Kambič

Stupica's sign system – the system of art signs - permits installation and exposure of an individual character, which alone can hold and sustain the structure of the work - individually and in full. Therefore it can be treated within other characters and art elements, as a metaphor – a great sign which retains all the essential characteristics that comply with its creation. This branch of the character can speak for itself and is an independent figural norm – a sample. (Pregelj Stupica, Bernard. Vprašanje kontinuitete slovenskega slikarstva, 'The question of the continuity of the Slovenian painting', 1999)
This is an adaptation of an existing residential house and an extention of another one in the existing floor plan boundaries of an old woodshed.
Neighbors did not allow the opening of the facade of the second house towards the yard, so instead the house is receiving its light from the ceiling and from its sides. Just like in Stupica's picture both houses are connected via separate external atriums and loggias. The empty space between them connects them both on a archetype level, which is based on the same model formulation despite their different use and character. The empty space becomes an essential living space and architecture by itself.
The second house represents an extension and is therefore purposely designed as a separate facility. The facility assumes the uniform image, such as a stone, which has the same area on its entire perimeter.
The roofing covers the entire house; whereas snow guards, which are arranged on the roof and the facade, soften the monolithic exterior with its texture.
Places where the house is taking its light from is deliberately exposed and emphasized by different materials. Interior is adjusted to the openings on the roof which are meandering along the floor plan. With this method we create one single as well as a number of separated spaced at the same time, which are partially concealed with meanders.

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