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Picnic on the grass












Gorenja vas


Superform; Authors: Marjan Poboljšaj, Anton Žižek, Peter Ličen, Matej Kučina Associates: Špela Jančar, Jernej Markič

The essence of the concept is to offer an experience of bathing and leisure in the nature. With this in mind we installed the program carefully. The space and organization concept is based on an opened and passable installation of individual functional units, with emphasizing the local natural resources and using the local natural materials.
The concept is consisted of three program parts: the swimming pool complex and the sport part on the clearing, a service facility and a snack bar at the bridge and a playground near the woods on the south side of the clearing. The natural landscape is carried through to the central opened space from two sides, which encircle the clearing: on the north side from a soft stream bank, which is created by the service facility and on the south side across the playground area. The point program (picnic and sunbathing area) are located on the edge of the clearing and work as a connecting program element between tended and natural landscape.
Because of the service and the logistics, the facilities are located at a sandy area by the stream and are connected to the road with a new wooden footbridge. On the south side the playground is located on several terraces at the edge of a steep forest.
The principle of design originates from a pail as a basic building block of the Topličar program on the set location. The design of the pool was formed by integrating pails into a “čebrišče” (a set of many pails). The service facility and the snack bar are also designed through the principles of transforming the pail.

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