Pattern transformation

Europan 7

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Pattern transformation




National Competition






County of Maribor


Maribor, Slovenia




Superform: Marjan Poboljšaj, Anton Žižek, Peter Karba

The sample landscape is transformed from the symbolic and mental level into a physical structure. Thus, the vineyards are a symbol of socialising, wine aroma, rattlers, winding trellises and land tilling. These vineyards are the symbol of the city of Maribor and a generic element of the landscape. The proposed solution intensifies all the features of vineyards and enriches them with urban culture.
In order for the programme to function, the circulation is necessary. The upper part of the "blood circulation" is represented by the open and green space on the slope itself. The bottom part, however, contains the public programme on the ground floor below the tense field, which is stretching from the construction along the city ring to the construction on the plain.
The presented proposal develops the role of a garden into a new communication type. If a garden in a house in a city is only a prolongation of a living room, these new green entrance halls or vestibules are a spatial matrix intertwining the public and private apartment spaces. The green vestibule is a common living room through which one enters the apartment. The vestibule is developed vertically. In the first type of residential clusters it is a prolongation of open green spaces, which form part of the terrain. In the second type of residential clusters, the green vestibule is a green hole in the flat lamella, and in the third it is a green space in front of the facade.

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