Form follows experience


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Form follows experience


2017 / 2018






Design: Imagenetic; Conceptual: Superform, Uroš Zajec, Hieronimo Morfejev

Through the “Form Follows Experience” project, Superform wishes to present our philosophy of creation.
The vantage point and the idea of the project were conceived in a multidisciplinary manner, and thus the project involves experts in the fields of marketing, art and architecture.
Together with the experts we endeavour to communicate with the professional public in a different, innovative manner. The aim of that is to transform the reality through art images and unravel the experiencing of space on different levels. The result is an experience that permeates our senses and emotions related to time and space.

Superform is disclosing the philosophy of our oeuvre in a one-year campaign featuring one “conceptual” every new moon.

Studio imagenetic was commisioned by Superform to develop a series of »conceptuals« – memetic visual communiques in the form of landing pages and conceptual topographies. Superform’s motto »Form follows experience« was expanded into a coordinate system of methodological mantras:

is defined by Textures, Surfaces, Boundaries, Skin.
It constitutes the Axis of Space to the Time and Attention Axis, defined in Mental and Sensual level.
Our key premise here is that experience creates spatial folds of habitats.

is defined by openings, passages, trajectories -between Inner and Outer, Mental and Physical.
It constitutes the Axis of Attention to the Spatial and Time Axis, defined by Pgysical and Mental level.
Our key premise here is that sensory impact is built on the elements that hold the attention.

is defined by Contexts, Overviews, Juxtapositions, Synchronicities.
It constitutes the Axis of Time to the Spatial and Attention Axis, defined in Physical and Sensual level.
Our key premise here is that ideas are timestamped information ready to unfold in space.

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