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A sea of possibilities




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County of Koper


Koper, Slovenia




Superform: Marjan Poboljšaj, Anton Žižek

Establishing an island and installing a 'green wave' The city of Koper, with its specific spatial placement, offers a solution that preserves the identity of the city – an island. The spatial identity of the city, even after many centuries, remains an island still. Keeping, or rather re-establishing, the identity of the city of Koper as an island could be achieved with installation of the ‘green wave’ on the proposed location. 2. ARCHITECTURE We design the built space with an empty one The built environment and the empty green space intertwine in the direction north – south, in the direction of the water movement (waves), much like two hands interlace their fingers. The greenery moves in from the south, from the outskirts, the built environment from the north, from the old town. Three new half open spaces form at Vojkovo embankment: the first one at the end of Soška Street (Commerce Square), the other two at the end of Kosovel Square (Golden Square and Lavandl Square). Lion’s course goes through the center of the built environment in the direction east – west.
The built structure is a negative of the empty space. It would seem that we achieve a whole by taking away the mass, creating empty space. The density of the buildings increases from the old town to the outskirts, where the density reaches its peak. The green waves are pierced with towers, which are surrounded by green terraces on the south side. The passer-by perceives them as sailboats on a ‘green wave’.

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